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Danielle Bradbury Releases A "Monster" Of A Song

I am a bit behind on this release, but Danielle Bradbury has captured my attention with her latest release, "Monster." She is no stranger to lyrical truths and this newest single details her personal struggles with anxiety.

“I went to Los Angeles for a writing trip last year and the songs I was trying to create, weren’t aligning with where my mind and heart were at,” shared Danielle. “On the last morning, I was feeling anxious and knew I needed to write about it. I started talking about living with anxiety, something I’ve struggled with for a while – how the weight of it can feel like a monster that doesn’t leave you alone, causing you to be someone you’re not and at times, can almost be crippling to your body.”

“This song means a lot to me,” she adds. “Writing a song like ‘Monster’ was a form of therapy and I hope it’s the same experience for my fans. We all deal with a monster in our lives and this song is a reminder that no matter what that struggle may be for you, you’re not alone.”

Danielle brings her first-ever headline A SPECIAL PLACE TOUR to Nashville at The Basement East on May 18 with special guest CB30. For a full list of music, tour dates & more stop by: And I truly hope you get a chance to see this very talented young Lady live.


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