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David Nail Brought His Musical Magic To The Chrome Room In Vegas

The Chrome Room in Santa Fe Station Casino welcomed David Nail, who has spent a decade making his unique mark on modern country music. He has solidified his place in the genre with multiple No.1's and Top 10 songs such as "Whatever She's Got", "Let It Rain", and the epic hit, "Red Light."

David is a diverse artist who I do my best to see whenever possible, it's a night not to miss. And Saturday, December 9th he once again proved it. The show was the last of the run for 2023 and so glad he made Vegas the last stop. He engaged the crowd with his hits and some songs not heard on radio such as, "Songs For Sale", and "Grandpa's Farm." He also shared a song from his latest release, 'Best Of Me' entitled "Sunset Carousel."

He is backed up by a diverse group of musicians who all compliment each other very well. They blend their talents and all shine at what they do. David takes pride in the family like feel of the band and does not hesitate to show them off.

As we sat back and watched him on that stage, his way of bringing the audience into it with him is often times spellbounding. There was room at the show for dancing and many took advantage to take their partner for a spin or simply just sway back and forth singing along with every song.

David has a favorite saying which fits him perfectly. "Country Is Something You Are, Not Something You Sound Like." That is him to the letter. He is not out to please everyone, he sings from his heart and soul in the hopes that folks can relate to his words and make them work for them in some way. He is very proud of his career, his family and appreciates his fans who come to the shows, buy his merch along with his music in any form.

Yes, I have been a fan since he was just starting out. I saw him in the early years open for Martina McBride along with Jack Ingram. I knew right then he had me as forever fan, and that is how I remain. Make sure to keep track of all things David Nail by stopping by:

I want to add my thanks to David's PR Team, 117 Entertainment headed up by Zach Farnum and photo and videos from Heather R.

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