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Once She Hit The Stage Allie Colleen Proved That Stoney's Rockin' Country In Vegas Is Aptly Named

"WOW, What a voice," was the comment from a couple who were standing behind me at Stoney's after hearing country artist Allie Colleen for the first time on Friday, February 17th, and I can 100% agree with them. The crowd was revved up even before she hit the stage and it escalated once she made it known she was there to show everyone a good time.

This lively artist from Owasso, OK who currently lives in Nashville has been performing since she was 14 years old. Her debut single, "Work in Progress", along with her debut album, 'Stones' and current release, "Honest Man" have skyrocketed beyond expectations. Yet there are no signs of her slowing down.

Pulling the crowd in with her songs, "Stones", "Don't Give Your Heart to a Cowboy" as well as her current release, "Honest Man" and more were done with ease, like a pro. And to hear many sing along with her was music to her ears. Her duets with artist, Carly Rogers, "Blame It On The Wine" and Carter Winter, "Love Like I Drink" escalated the night to a higher level.

To learn more about Carly and Carter check them out at: &

And when ya ever get to Vegas do not hesitate to check out, Stoney's, THE PLACE for country music.

Earlier in the day I had a chance to visit with Allie, which was greatly appreciated since an artists schedule can be very hectic. Sound check gave me greater anticipation for the upcoming show later that evening. Thanks to her PR rep, Bev who made the magic happen. Sit back and take it all in and learn about this strong woman who has great pride in herself along with even greater determination to enjoy all aspects of her life.



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