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Phil Vassar Lights Up The Coach House in Southern California

Wrapping a 10 concert tour on the West coast brought singer, songwriter Phil Vassar to The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA on Sunday, September 16th. This was his first time performing at the historic venue and after seeing what a fun and crowded night it was I can bet they will invite him back, (Well we hope so.)

Phil Vassar is one of a handful of musicians to have multiple hits as a songwriter AND as an artist, with 10 Number 1s, 15 Top 10s, and 26 TOP 40s. The show was filled with some of those hits, such as the opener, "Carlene," followed by "Just Another Day In Paradise," "My Next Thirty Years," "I'm Alright," "Bye Bye", and more. There is never a doubt when you attend one of Phil's shows you will be wrapped up in the fun energy he brings, the not so set set list, along with the back up of one of the best bands around. It never gets old.

Phil stays busy with many projects like his current ninth album, 'American Soul,' his fun series, "Songs from the Cellar," and doing what he loves best about his career, touring. I always look forward to catching up with him when I can, he makes it so easy and comfortable, it's a win/win for everyone. Every show is a memory and every conversation is a gift. So sit back and enjoy unwrapping this one.

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