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Spreading Hope With Keith Griner Presents A New Benefit Concert

'Tis the season for giving, but giving extra to those less fortunate. Fueled by moving humility, a passion for rallying the community together, and on others-focused ambition, Spreading Hope With Keith Griner — a  concert series with a purpose — has announced their next benefit show, a winter clothing drive, set to happen at Live Oak on Wednesday, December 20.

Born in 2020, Spreading Hope found its home in the Nashville community through host, curator,  producer and director Keith Griner’s mission to uplift those who may find themselves feeling  hopeless or helpless as a result of homelessness. Carried by an abiding enthusiasm for being a  source of light to the city’s unhoused —regardless of their reason for homelessness — his  commitment to the cause arrives from his own personal dealings with it. Fighting through  homelessness and addiction himself, Keith, now 16 years sober, has the ability to suffer  alongside those struggling in this way throughout our community; a deep empathy which he  turns to fuel for action and change. 

“My passion stems from the fact that I used to be living on the streets,” Keith shares. “I can  understand the challenge to prevail from that kind of situation and feeling hopeless. But, it is  possible for people to find their way out. I want people to know that it’s possible - there is hope,  and I want people who know someone who’s in that situation to not give up either.” 

With a glowing lineup of 12 performers including Trey Lewis, Sammy Arriaga, Craig Campbell and Mary Kutter all donations received will be donated directly to Hope On The Row. They will also be on site taking all types of winter and warm clothing donations; jackets, sweaters, stocking hats, gloves, thermals, yet they always have a need for sock donations too.

For those who can’t make it in person, the concert will be live-streamed for free via Phierce Productions on, with opportunities to donate from the live stream as well. Watch the FREE live stream here:

This can make such a difference in someones life with donations of any dollar amount or by dropping off some much needed clothing. We all have organizations we support, maybe you can add this one to your list. Thank you


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