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A #FBF 2018 Walking Down Memory Lane With Phil Vassar

As I was looking for something in YouTube, this interview I did with Phil Vassar came into my view. Yes, it was from the former great site I worked with called Country Music Matters, but it is always nice to step back and take that stroll down memory lane on things that I contributed and the fun we had.

I had only been living in Las Vegas for not quite a year and was excited Phil was coming to do a show at the Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino. So I was quick to jump, reaching out to see if I could grab some of his time, which I done before in the past. His team graciously set it up and the rest just speaks for itself. Phil is always easy to chat with, fun and makes you feel very welcomed.

So I hope you enjoy this time spent with Phil as much as I did, as well as a video from the show. Let's hope we can get him back in Vegas, that would ROCK !!

(DISCLAIMER: The videos are mine, but do have consent to post these from the previous site of Country Music Matters)


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