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AMERICAN BLONDE Launches With Charismatic Southern Rock-Inspired “Quicksand”

The duo, American Blonde has talent, energy and can make you smile in an instant. They recently made their Country radio debut with the hooky, Southern Rock-inspired anthem, “Quicksand.”

Fans are likely to fall quickly in thrall to the charismatic vibe of "Quicksand." The track is already making an impression, as Eric Dahl of American Songwriter reflects, “It sucks you in with sweet sibling harmonies and the organic instrumentation supporting the lyrics.” Markos Papadatos of Digital Journal predicts the duo will “lure their listeners in from the first verse."

With its addictive groove and accessible message, “Quicksand” deceives with a sparse and simple intro – and then rips the roof off with razor sharp guitar riffs and pounding percussion. The sisters’ vocals are adept – and pushed a bit forward in the mix – adding to the song’s powerful sense of urgency. “It’s all about fighting for what you want and not letting go,” reflects Nata Morris, American Blonde’s lead guitarist and principal vocalist/songwriter. “Love isn’t always easy. It takes work and sacrifice and determination to stick it out.”

Having had spent some time with this duo, I can attest to their talent, their love of what they do and the respect they have for the genre and those that helped pave the way. Add fun to that and you have a great winning combination. Take some time to catch up with American Blonde at: You can also check their newest release here at:


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