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As I Began....

When I decided to take this leap into a journey of my own, many thoughts had to be processed, and processed correctly. I reached out and the support given was so encouraging that I felt safe knowing many had my back. But how do I start? Choosing a name was the first test and I just knew that no matter how I would pay tribute to an artist and friend who has given us great music, and plenty of smiles. "High Road" is one of my favorite Ray Scott songs and that was where I started knowing it was right. Add the artistic talent of Kari LeMee Pedigo and the patience and web help of Shannon Lee, I gained ground and went on my way. I still have things to learn, things to correct or not correct; but I will tell you this: I will not back down or give up. This Country High Road is for all of us to travel. Thanks for joining me.


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