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Charlie Daniels Keeps Busy With Upcoming Album - 'Beau Weevils - Songs in the Key of E'

So, if you are a fan who follows Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie Daniels online, you may have noticed what appears to be a serious infestation of boll weevil bugs on his social media accounts and website. What is actually going on is those critters aren't boll weevils at all. They're actually, "Beau Weevils," and are a nod to Daniels' upcoming studio album, 'Beau Weevils - Songs in the Key of E,' set for release on Friday, October 26.

The new ten-track album features lead vocals, guitar and fiddle by Charlie, James Stroud on drums and percussion, Billy Crain on guitar, and Charlie Hayward on bass.  Charlie describes the new recordings as "Downhome, Swampy Rock meets Funk with a little taste of 'Delta' type of style." He wrote or co-wrote all ten tunes on the new compilation. Stroud and Casey Wood produced the project with Daniels' manager David Corlew serving as executive producer.

"Beau Weevils - Songs in the Key of E " is the culmination of a long held desire of James Stroud and myself to do a project together," says Charlie. "We had worked together, with James in the capacity of producer, which had resulted in some of our most successful albums for The Charlie Daniels Band, but James is one of the finest and most soulful drummers in the business and I figured we could get together, musician to musician, and come up with something special. We just needed a vehicle in the form of songs that would fit the bill."

"The whole thing started one day when I, as I often do, was fooling around with my guitar and came up with the opening riff on a song that eventually turned out to be 'Mudcat,'" explains Charlie. "That song set the style for the rest of the songs I would write, that all lent themselves to being played in the key of E, hence the title."

Beau Weevils: Songs in the Key of E Track Listing:

1. Geechi Geechi Ya Ya Blues

2. Bad Blood

3. Mexico Again

4. Louisiana Blues

5. Oh, Juanita

6. Smokey's Got Your Number

7. Mudcat

8. Everybody's Gotta Go Sometime

9. We'll All Have Some

10. How We Roll

Don't miss out on another piece of Charlie Daniels history; this man never seems to slow down and we are just fine with that. Pre-orders are now available at

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