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Country Crooner Shane Owens Releases New Single, "Love Me To Death"

In these current times, we are all anticipating good news, a new smile, a helping hand and prayers. But there is one thing you can rely on and that is Country music to help heal and lift our spirits. Shane Owens has done just that.

The Music Row 2018 Independent Artist of the Year, Shane continues to maintain an active touring schedule and makes frequent festival appearances. He made his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2017 and has since appeared at major summertime events like CMA Music Festival and Jamboree In the Hills, both of which were voted as the top two American country music festivals of the year.

“Love Me to Death” from his recently released album, Thankful For Country Music reached the top 8 of the most downloaded and streamed tracks on Play MPE, a popular digital download service for radio airplay and streaming. It transports listeners right back to the good ole’ days and leaves fans reminiscing simpler times.

Traditional country music is what I was raised on growing up in Alabama,” says Shane. “Whether it be the sounds of Keith Whitley or Randy Travis, it is what has always spoken to my heart. I wouldn’t know what else to sing and it is wonderful to be making music that people want to hear.”

Shane proves once again traditional country music has its place on today’s country radio. Click to purchase “Love me to Death” on Amazon, Apple Music, and stream on Spotify. Also, stop by to catch up on all the latest.

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