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Country Singer Songwriter Paul Bogart Puts His Heart Into New Single - "When The Cowboys Are Gone"

Sticking to his guns and staying true to his western-bred sound, Paul Bogart continues to live and breathe the country lifestyle as he shares a part of his story with his tribute to cowboys in his latest release, "When The Cowboys Are Gone." He is an old soul with a knack for capturing time-honored traditions and summing up classic sentiments in catchy, three-minute songs.

“Even as I wrote the song with Trent Willmon and Shane Minor, ‘When The Cowboys Are Gone’ always reminds me of my Grandpa, who is pictured along with my Dad and me on the cover art. This song is for heroes like him and many others who have left legacies of hard work and an iron will. God bless them, and God help us all when the cowboys are gone,” said Paul.

I have listened to Paul's previous releases such as "Cowboy Way" and "Cowboy Ride", with anticipation of what his next idea will be. With his style, I picture those couples out on the dance floors of the honky tonks keeping in step with a true form of country music. His current tour started out on March 27th, going all the way to Dec 1st. So if you do not want to miss out on this talented young man, who will win your heart, head on over to download his latest single at You can also learn more about Paul and hopefully catch a show by stopping by:

Thanks to Taste of Country for premiering a stellar acoustic version of "When The Cowboys Are Gone." Enjoy


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