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Craig Campbell Releases 17-Track Album 'The Lost Files: Exhibit B'

I may be a bit biased here since Craig Campbell is one of my FAVORITE artists, but his latest album release, 'The Lost Files: Exhibit B', is a sure dead center hit on a bullseye target. 17-track album features unreleased gems of never released songs.

In keeping with the “lost” theme, the songs on 'Exhibit B' comprise tracks he recorded during two previous label deals but were never released. Also included are songs he recorded since launching his own Grindstone Recordings in 2020 like “All My Friends Drink Beer” and his current single “Summer Soundtrack.” Fan favorite “It’s About Time” receives an updated modern mix on the new album.

Almost two years had passed since the country hitmaker had released new music. HIs first Lost File series release was entitled, 'The Lost Files: Part A' and was released on February 17th of this year. Craig stated, "We had a hard time finding some of these songs because the hard drives got misplaced. Then with some, you had the hard drive, but they wouldn’t open. They were literally lost files.”

The first song on the album, Lot to Live Up To was written ten years ago. Craig mentions Travis Tritt in the song and was fortunate enough to have him sing on the cut. Craig creates the southern rock sound that you would expect from Travis Tritt with the lead tune.

With all the good sounds on Part A you had to know Part B would continue that theme and it does not disappoint. The first single released from the new collection is “Summer Soundtrack,” a perfect, sultry season-ender written by Craig with Phil O’Donnell and Wade Kirby, produced by Mickey Jack Cones. “And God said 'Let there be Exhibit B!' And it was good," said an elated Craig. "Here it is! The final LOST FILES chapter. Heart…soul…patience….all were poured into this album. I hope you can tell.”

Do not miss getting this second part, along with the first, which both give us some of Craig's best works. Check both parts here:


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