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David Nail Puts Together A Very Special Personal Poignant Song

I will strongly stand by this: Singer/Songwriter David Nail is one of THE BEST in the country music business. He can get either get you rockin' or he can get you swaying with the songs he releases. His latest, "The Best of Me" is another perfect display of how emotions can be brought to light and honor someone you love.

Written about his longtime wife, Catherine, the new single finds David reminiscing about asking his father-in-law for his future wife’s hand in marriage and reflecting on the promise he made way back then to give her the best of him throughout the life of their relationship. His vulnerability shines throughout “Best of Me,” particularly in acknowledging that while he didn’t have much money or a ring, he knew he would love Catherine for the rest of time.

People always say the best songs are ones that come from a real place or a real experience. These lyrics, almost word for word, rewind time back to the afternoon I sat in Catherine’s kitchen and told her folks of my intentions -- with their blessing of course," said David.

Hailing from Kennett, Missouri, David Nail is well-respected up and down Music Row. The GRAMMY-nominated multi-platinum singer/songwriter’s early releases, "I’m About To Come Alive", "The Sound Of A Million Dreams", "I’m A Fire" and "Fighter", ignited his reputation as an innovator and creative risk-taker yet left him feeling restless. This led to the departure of the only record company home he’d ever known, MCA Nashville, where he’d formed friendships that endure even now. David plans on releasing more music, leaving behind any self-imposed restrictions. In his own words, “My philosophy has always been, I just hope to have a good enough year that I can have a next year while staying as true to myself as I possibly can.”

This is high praise which he certainly deserves: “Few singers can pick up an acoustic guitar, close their eyes and carry a room quite like the enigmatic Nail.” - Taste of Country I am in total agreement.

I remember seeing David when he first came out with "Red Light" at a show in Southern CA along with Jack Ingram and Martina McBride. I had heard his music prior, but after seeing him live and living in the moment with him, he had gained a fan for however long he wants to bring us his great music. Do not miss any tour dates, updates & more by stopping by at:


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