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Dillon Carmichael Brings TRUE Country To Upcoming Album - 'Hell on an Angel"

Coming from country music royalty does not always guarantee you a rung on the ladder of success. Singer, songwriter Dillon Carmichael, nephew of Eddie and John Michael Montgomery has that distinct baritone sound which his uncles recognized but yet knew Dillon had to earn his dues.

The Burgin, KY native has a deep respect for country music and the reverend history that comes with it. Moving to Nashville gave him the solid road to achieving his goals. As a songwriter at the age of 18, Dillon began collaborating with some of country’s most talented writers, but no Nashville resident had a bigger influence than GRAMMY award-winning Dave Cobb (Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell), whose stewardship helped guide ‘Hell On An Angel’ from a dream to a reality.

This new album, available October 26th, captures vivid snapshots of the people Dillon grew up around: hardworking, bighearted folks taking life one day at a time, sticking together through the good times and the bad with honesty, dignity and faith.

Making his Grand Ole Opry debut on August 21st was a solid milestone in his emerging career and to have your uncle, Eddie Montgomery introduce you and your mom, Becky Montgomery join you as a back up singer was a night never to forget. Plus when you get a standing ovation, the feelings are overwhelming.

I met Dillon in 2014 at a charity weekend event for the TJ Martell Foundation and fell for his talent, his down to earth demeanor and oh that smile!! Do yourself a favor and sit back and listen to some good old country music and I guarantee you will gain respect for the young man who is bound to keep the tradition alive.


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