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Hit Maker Phil Vassar Is Keeping Things Alive With New Piano Bar Cover Series

Things sure have changed in the last few months, but the NEED for live music has not. Concerts have been canceled to much dismay with what seems like no end in sight. However I applaud all the artists who have found innovative ways to stay out there for the fans. Phil Vassar is among those who is keeping things alive.

Phil has come up with a new and exciting series that will surely help fill the void of live in person concerts by announcing his "Piano Bar Cover Series" premiering Tuesday, August 25th. This one hour, bi-weekly live-streamed show, has Phil covering well-known, beloved artists such as Billy Joel, Elton John, James Taylor, Jackson Brown, Kenny Rogers and more. He will also be taking fan requests via social media. Sitting in his living room bar at a grand piano, Phil will make fans feel like they’re hanging at a retro piano bar

“I really think fans will love this Piano Bar series," Phil says. “The piano bar type venue is where I come from – it’s my roots. I even had my own bar back when I was getting my start. It’s going to be really fun to cover so many of these great artists and heroes.”

The virtual concert series will be streamed on Single Music. The platform’s player is HTML-5, which allows fans to watch from their mobile phones, computers, and cast/share the stream to their TVs over Apple TV or Chromecast for an even better viewing and listening experience. Viewers can chat with other fans, view merchandise, and buy music during the show just like they would normally do at an in-person concert.

Piano Bar episodes will be recorded and selections will be used for a cover album slated to be released in early 2021. To purchase single tickets or ticket bundle packages which include a ticket and a T-shirt head over to: The Single Music platform is new to me as it may be to many others, so take a look here at to understand the concept a bit better.

This sounds like Phil is really on to something and fans are so eager for just about anything "live" that they can get. Let's get ready to make the first stream a hit and have "Just Another Day In Paradise."


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