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Jay DeMarcus Of Rascal Flatts' Ventures Out With Christian Music Label

Courtesy of Red Street Records

With a busy touring schedule with Rascal Flatts', as well as writing and producing new music, not sure where Jay DeMarcus gets the time. But he dug back to his roots in launching a new Christian record label, Red Street Records which he says was a long time coming.

Jay feels it's a good time to launch a new indie Christian label, and even though he thought landing a major label would help, he decided being totally independent was a better route to take. He has hired longtime associate Don Koch as general manager and retained Aaron Crisler of Conduit Media to handle publicity. He's working on distribution and plans to lock that in within the week.

The new label's flagship artists will include Contemporary Christian Music group AVALON as well as Lauren James, who often leads worship at Pastor Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston.

There is an entire wide open market ready to be heard and Jay has the experience to bring it to light. He has previously overseen production of several faith-based albums, including those for Reba, Jason Crabb, The Martins, and Michael English. Jay was also part of the Contemporary Christian Music duo East To West in the early 90s.

Don't panic, in addition to the new venture with Red Street Records, Jay will remain with Rascal Flatts and continue to produce music for other artists, as well. Congrats on this new venture, we can always use some good vibes.


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