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Jericho Woods Exceeds All Expectations With 'One Perfect Sound'

Their Kentucky born roots run deep and the unique sound infusion of Americana, country and Muscle Shoals is what makes the group, Jericho Woods, who they are. Founding members, Josh Mitcham and Paul Priest, were destined to play together. Bound by blood (they’re cousins), each began their pursuit of music as youngsters but played music separately for over a decade. Joining forces in 2013, they logged hundreds of shows in their old van leaving their mark across the Southeast and Midwest.

Their debut album, “Same Old Dirt,” reached the Top 8 on Billboards Heatseeker Charts and Top 25 on iTunes Country Album Charts. In 2017, their self-titled EP debuted at number 14 on the iTunes Country charts and led to their single “Better Now” to be featured on CMT and GAC. That led Rolling Stone Country and Wide Open Country to name them “Artists to Watch” in 2018.

Their journey has not always been an easy one. Their drummer at the time left to join Chris Jansen, and their lead guitar player made the decision to leave and focus on his budding solo career. They were now without a label, no manager, and having to rebuild the band. This did not detour them from rebuilding and working hard on a new future with new music and new band members.

They strived on cutting the best record they knew they could with the best folks they knew: guitarist John McDaniel, steel guitar player Smith Curry, fiddle player Jimmy Mattingly (Garth Brooks), and keyboardist Rami Jaffe (Foo Fighters, Wallflowers). You add fiddle player Anna Blanton (Colter Wall) and retool your band with young, hungry players Aaryn Martin (guitar) and Will Johnston (drums)

Armed with a new set of songs and an arsenal of players, it was time for that new record, and they knew just who they wanted to produce it: Grammy winning producer, Skid Mills.

“Skidd has worked a couple projects with us, and we have really gotten comfortable together. We recorded the entire album at OmniSound Studios in Nashville, and it took about seven days total over the course of a month or so. We had been touring some for a while, so it was pretty easy to knock out.”

Each song on their newest release, 'One Perfect Sound', available May 3rd, covers different aspects of life, from being serenaded in "Firefly," to taking that leap to leave your small hometown to pursue bigger dreams in the song "Tennessee." The lead single, “Wrong Things, Right Reasons”, is a high energy anthem for the blue collar worker. “It really represents the mentality of our hometown; work hard all week, try to enjoy the little bit of time you have with family and friends before it starts all over again," Josh says.

My favorite, is the title song, “One Perfect Sound”. It explores the balancing act of hard nights on the road, maintaining relationships at home, and quiet nights searching for the right words and the “perfect sound” that will take their careers to the next level and leave those struggles behind. It focuses on who this group is, how they stick to their roots and maintain their lives in Kentucky where family comes first.

I first met Josh and Paul in 2016 and felt even then I was part of their family. The solid love and respect they hold for what they bring out in their songs and shows while maintaining some semblance of life while not on the road is a testimony of their character. Their sound in 'One Perfect Sound,' is polished but still blends in what brought them to the table. They are fun, grounded and worth everyone's time to get to know them if you haven't already.

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