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Liam Mogan Keeps Country Alive In Southern California

When you think of California you mostly think of sun, beaches, surfing and great weather. Well country artist Liam Mogan, known as the "Surfing Cowboy" may just surprise you by melding in some good old country music with all of the above.

This singer, songwriter was born and raised in Agoura Hills, California simultaneously surrounded by horses and waves, developing into the quintessential surfing cowboy. Liam started partaking in the care and keeping of livestock at young age, competed in bull riding throughout high school (until injury), and rescues/trains horses like his beloved mare, Tulsa, that was found starving in the desert.

Heavily under the influence by the stories and melodies from 80’s and 90’s country, Liam's material is different from his peers which is showcased in his fresh release, "Headlights". recorded entirely in Nashville at Pat Lassiter's Riverfront Recording Studio.

After listening to his promo video which showcases an array of songs I was impressed by the style and talent of this young California cowboy. It has been known that many artist from Nashville often travel to parts of California to co-write, use studios and to shoot videos, so Liam fits right in. An easygoing personality, down-to-earth nature and California good looks are all on full display in his live shows which quickly garnered him a reputation as an engaging entertainer in his native SoCal.

So don't always think the great sounds come out of Nashville or Texas alone, California talent can surprise you where you least expect it to be. To learn more and keep up with Liam head over to:


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