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Matt Rogers Wins Grand Prize In Music City SongStar Competition

Country artist Matt Rogers has been selected as the Grand Prize Winner of the Music City SongStar contest for his song "She Was Everything". The tune was one of six tracks penned by Rogers on his critically acclaimed sophomore EP, 'Richest Place On Earth.'

The winning song showcases heartbreak from a different point of view. It’s a personal song from Matt that describes a time in his life where he had to make a difficult decision to follow his head or his heart. "She was all I could’ve wanted, anything a man would need. On paper it was perfect, as far as anyone could see. When someone really loves you and they give it their all that’s a hell of a thing to lose. She was everything, but she wasn’t you," sings Matt.

Matt who hails from Georgia, delivers every song off his EP with conviction, confidence with some fun thrown in. To catch up, stream his music or find out if he is coming to venue near you go to:


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