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New Music From Country Favorite Wade Hayes, 'Who Saved Who' Was Worth The Wait

Country artist Wade Hayes is legendary for true down home country music and with every album release he proves it time and again. His latest, 'Who Saved Who' is no exception.

Wade originally wrote “Who Saved Who” as a tribute to his dog, “Jack,” who helped him get through two bouts of cancer several years ago. The touching song is now the title cut to this long-awaited album.

Regarding the title track, Wade met his dog Jack eight years ago at a gas station around midnight 75 miles outside of Nashville. He recalls the skinny dog was full of ticks and had holes in him. The folks at the station told Wade the dog had been there for several days, and no one had claimed him. “This rundown dog jumps up in the front seat of my pickup truck and sits down. He had a pizza crust hanging out of his mouth. He jumped up in the seat like, ‘OK, I’m ready to go,’ just comfortable as could be,” Wade told Billboard Magazine.

“This whole project stemmed from the title track ‘Who Saved Who,’” said Wade. “I first played it on The Country Music Cruise with no intention of recording it – it was just a personal song about my dog. The reaction was the same every time I played it, and I realized I need to record it! This song will always be special to me, and I hope everyone will enjoy listening as much as I did making this latest record.”

I have heard the title track in person and it did what Wade hoped it would do, touch a soul and a heart. Life throws curves and when there is a "side-kick" along it makes the road easier. So once again Wade has succeeded in bringing us some darn good ole country music. Get your copy at: or


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