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Olivia Lane Releases New Single And Video, "Same Old Story."

You hear the title and may think, "Oh we know how this turns out." But this time it has you fooled. Singer / songwriter Olivia Lane releases her brand new single, "Same Old Story." The up-tempo track furthers the sound that Olivia's fans have come to know and love - bright, lush production, shimmering guitars, and thoughtful, inquisitive lyrics. On her latest song and accompanying video, Olivia explores the flighty and uncertain nature of modern day relationships, and shows how a little faith and love can give any story a happy ending.

The country songstress is a Houston-born and Nashville-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer. She started entertaining during her formative years, and immersed herself in records by Shania Twain, Frank Sinatra, and Carole King for inspiration very early on.

“So many of my song ideas have come from my journal and diary entries," Olivia says. "Journals are a sacred place where creativity begins, and I hope this song empowers people to create their own stories - no matter where they may take them.”

Garnering a loyal fan base after the release of her self-titled EP in 2016, Olivia has received widespread praise from major publications like Rolling Stone, Taste of Country, Billboard, Music Connection, and more in addition to a cumulative stream tally in excess of 20 million. In 2019, Olivia released her latest EP ‘The One’ to rave reviews and was a featured songwriter on NBC’s premiere songwriting competition series Songland. With a catalogue of impeccably crafted tunes along with critical adulation in and out of the industry.

Having met Olivia in the past it is clear she still works hard to bring out her love for what she does, continues to be happy with herself and keep that never wavering energy and smile. If you haven't already, stop by and find out more, you will enjoy what you find.

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