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The Desert City Ramblers To Release Debut EP June 5th

You want real country music along with some kick your boots up fun? The Desert City Ramblers are for you. In mere weeks, this ensemble have made significant waves on the music scene with the release of their “Hillbilly Rollin’ Stone” single. The six-man band today announced their self-titled debut EP will be released on Crane Kick Records on June 5, 2020.

“These five songs best represent who we are as a band,” said lead singer and principal songwriter Brian McComas. “Anyone hearing this music will immediately have a sense of where we come from and where we’re going, and we hope there will be a lot of people along for the ride with us.”

Joining Brian McComas on the record and on stage are guitarist Scotty Bratcher, keyboard player Andy Smith, bassist Kieran Cronley, drummer Matt Salvo and guitarist Bart Walker (who also plays in Hank Williams Jr.’s band.) Their sound is gritty with a mix of Southern rock adding in a foundation of old school country music.

The band will celebrate by performing a live release party on the Heartland Network's Facebook page at noon Central the same day as the release. The lunchtime concert will include performances of all five songs on the EP and stories behind the writing and recording of each song.

As I listen to their sound I picture a night out at a local honky tonk enjoying what country music is meant to be. Make sure to not miss out on any news and info by catching the guys on

The Desert City Ramblers EP

Song Listing:

“Hillbilly Rollin’ Stone” – Brian McComas, Mike Musick

“Red Moon (On The Rise)” - Brian McComas

“Comin’ Home” - Brian McComas, Luis Rey

“Gypsy Angel” - Brian McComas

“Me And My Friends” – Brian McComas


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