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The Legendary Willie Nelson Set To Release New Studio Album

Being a long time Willie Nelson fan sure has led me on a long journey and I see it is not done yet. Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, will release his new studio album 'Bluegrass' (featuring Willie performing 12 of his favorite self-penned classics with a bluegrass ensemble) on Friday, September 15.

'Bluegrass' (his 151st album, according to Texas Monthly's interactive All Willie Nelson Albums Ranked list) presents 12 classic Willie Nelson compositions--including "On the Road Again," "Yesterday's Wine," "Still is Still Moving to Me," "Good Hearted Woman" and more--freshly interpreted by Willie Nelson and his bluegrass ensemble. For the album, Willie picked 12 personal and fan favorite compositions from across his career to perform anew. All songs on the new album were written by Willie except "Good Hearted Woman" which has music and lyrics written by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.

Willie's new album is a salute to the Appalachian old-time string band music which crystalized into a genre and was given a name by Kentucky songwriter/performer/recording artist Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys, whose post-war recordings profoundly influenced Willie's songwriting sensibilities and the direction of American country music in general.

Willie Nelson - Bluegrass

1. No Love Around

2. Somebody Pick Up My Pieces

3. Good Hearted Woman (cowritten with Waylon Jennings)

4. Sad Songs And Waltzes

5. Home Motel

6. You Left Me A Long, Long Time Ago

7. Yesterday's Wine

8. Bloody Mary Morning

9. Slow Down Old World

10. Still Is Still Moving To Me

11. On The Road Again

12. Man With The Blues

This album is definitely one I will add to my collection. To pre-order yours go to:


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