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The Oak Ridge Boys Announce 2018 "Shine The Light On Christmas Tour"

Parts of the west coast seem to lose out on Christmas tours. Maybe the thought is we don't get snow? But I am always happy when artists continue their traditions no matter where their travels take them. The Oak Ridge Boys, will once again celebrate the Christmas season with their timeless hits and holiday classics on their 2018 "Shine The Light On Christmas" Tour.

Each year The Oak Ridge Boys’ Christmas tour plays to packed houses across America. Blending a mixture of traditional and contemporary songs—including religious, romantic, and fun holiday tunes—The Oak Ridge Boys’ set list will take their audiences on a hit-filled musical roller coaster ride of holiday cheer from their six best selling Christmas album catalog.

“The Shine The Light On Christmas Tour this year will be our 29th annual Christmas tour,” says Oaks’ Joe Bonsall. “We will sing hit songs for 40 minutes and after a short intermission our full production Christmas show takes over the stage with music celebrating every aspect of the holiday season, from Santa Claus to celebrating the birth of Jesus. Our production is all new and fresh this year and we are more excited than ever to be bringing this very special family event to your town!”

I know every year this tour is a fan favorite. We never tire of hearing the hits along with the Christmas cheer they bring in every holiday song. This year's tour will take the legendary group to 32 cities in 18 states, and is set to kick-off on November 14th in Branson, Missouri. I hope many of you get this opportunity to share in this gift they like to bring to fans. For more information go to:


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