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Toby Keith Does Some Serious Fun Name Dropping In Latest Release

In the music industry, name dropping can be helpful, or detrimental. In this case though, Toby Keith plays it off so well you have to love it and hold respect for those mentioned in his latest release, "That's Country Bro."

Even if you don't know all the names, you'll smile ear-to-ear, and you'll marvel at the sly and subtle crafting, smothered in pure fun. This latest project was co-written with Bobby Pinson.

Of course, Toby has direct connections to many of those he references. Whether it was filling in for an ailing Merle Haggard at his final show, paying tribute to Glen Campbell for the Academy of Country Music, or multiple connections to Willie Nelson ("Beer For My Horses," "Weed With Willie," "Wacky Tobaccy"). And Marshal Dillon and Roy Rogers have already gotten the name-drop treatment in Keith's first smash single "Should've Been A Cowboy."

The Toby Keith That's Country Bro! Tour opens May 26 at the Tree Town Music Festival in Forest City, Iowa and wraps up in Laughlin, NV on November 9th. That's a lot of "Country Bro."


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