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Ward Hayden & The Outliers Honor Hank Williams With New Live Album

It is always good to see and hear others honor the true icons of down to earth real country music. Ward Haden & The Outliers are new to me, and after hearing this tribute album, I can hear what I have been missing.

The music of Hank Williams has occupied a central place in the life, soul and muse of Americana hero Ward Hayden all but from the cradle. His special, annual shows with his group saluting Williams every New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day –the 1952/’53 dates when Hank was on his way to his next gig and died in the back of a Cadillac– “had quickly become a Boston-area tradition” (Quincy Patriot Ledger), since the first celebration in 2008.

To mark the occasion of what would have been the Williams’ 100th birthday on September 17, Ward Hayden & The Outliers just released a new album, A Celebration of Hank Williams LIVE, on the band’s own Faster Horses Recordings.

"When we started thinking about doing something to honor Hank's 100th we pretty much immediately knew that capturing the live sound was how we wanted to do it," Hayden notes. "Live music is something truly special and unique, it's a moment and in that moment there's an energy that can't be replicated in any other way than in a live setting. Live music's a high wire act, it's exciting and it's spirited. We wanted this collection of songs, songs that hold a longstanding meaning to our personal and musical lives, to have that special quality.”

A Celebration of Hank Williams Live track listing:

1. Ramblin' Man

2. Intro: No Courage without Fear

3. Settin' the Woods on Fire

4. Weary Blues from Waitin'

5. Intro: Hank's Last Song

6. I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive

7. Long Gone Lonesome Blues

8. Cold, Cold Heart

9. Intro: Leon Payne

10. Lost Highway

11. Honky Tonkin'

12. Intro: The Song that Made Him Famous

13. Lovesick Blues

14. Half as Much

15. Why Don't You Love Me

Any Hank Williams fan needs this album which does an amazing job of honoring one of the greatest Legends in Country music. Get more information at:


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